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LatéMa Milkshakes

Balanced nutrition for children with vitamins, minerals and probiotics in different flavors

The deliberate choice of happy moms

Food is not medicine. Food is a reflection of lifestyle. And our brand exists to be a companion on the path of fun and healthy parenting. After all, there is nothing more important than happiness and understanding that everything will be fine.

A healthy and cheerful child is a merit of responsible parents. But it’s no secret that sometimes you need a little more than the love and care of mom and dad. And at such moments our products come to the rescue.

LatéMa Milkshakes

Highly nutritious LatéMa milkshake for gaining and supporting healthy weight

LatéMa Milkshake with calcium for healthy growth and development

LatéMa Milkshake with immunoglobulins to support immunity

Created for child's growing body


Large selection of flavors that children


Functional composition developed by
physicians and scientists


Milkshake components support children’s growth and development


Attractive price of the product

No harmful additives

No preservatives, colors or artificial flavors

Starch and GMO free

No added vegetable oils

Selected recipes

LatéMa cooling sorbet contains a large portion of vitamins and minerals. Add berry puree, sugar powder, and lemon juice to the finished portion of the cocktail and you will get a dessert healthier than ice cream!

Milk pudding is a great source of strength and energy for your little one. Prepare it according to the traditional recipe: mix LatéMa with starch, add sugar and brew with milk.

A healthy and tasty smoothie - add LatéMa, fruits and berries to a blender, pour in liquid to your liking, and you will get a tasty, natural drink.

Pamper your little ones with exquisite panna cotta. To do this, add gelatin and cream to the ready-made LatéMa drink. Or surprise them with delicate blancmange by replacing the cream with cottage cheese. Garnish desserts with berry puree or aromatic sweet sauce.

Where to find LatéMa milkshakes?

You can buy them directly from the manufacturer via the Internet!